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Links to interesting railway sites

Eagle-Wing.Net has no affiliation with any of the sites to which we provide links. Some of these sites are privately operated and others are operated by regional transit authorities or local governments.

This page features several mega-sites, which have a large number of resources and/or links, as well as small independent sites. Other pages in this section are categorized. Use the Links menu to move to these pages.

New York City Subway Resources has a collection of interesting information and historical photographs relating to the New York City (USA) subway system. They also feature photos from other transit operations in the US and overseas. This site is not affiliated with any transit agency.

New York City Subway Resources

Northeast Rails features over 7,000 photos, with a focus on railroading in Pennsylvania and the Northeast.

If you like old trains, buildings, and even pictures of train wrecks, prepare to spend a few hours here.

Northeast Rails
RailfanNet is a train resource. This site features links to more train sites and Usenet groups than you could ever imagine! It also hosts a number of railfan Websites such as Northeast Rails, above.
RailServe is a collection of links to thousands of railway and urban mass transit sites. Check this link, which is only one page of many, and see if there isn't more material than you could use in a year!
Rail Serve

Metro Planet is another collection of pictures and information. Here you will find a treasure trove of information about subway systems throughout the world, with a few light rail systems included.

The site is in English, German, and Spanish. Don't visit here if you have anything else to do for the next few days / weeks / months.

The Light Rail Transit Association Website proclaims "Information and campaigning about better public transport through trams, tramways, streetcars and light rail transit systems"

If you want to know anything about current the light rail scene anywhere in the world this is the place to be! This site is loaded with pictures, more pictures, and still more pictures plus technical data, history, white papers, and more. They have a links page with hundreds of links to museums, transits systems, and more.


TrainWeb.Com is a commercial site featuring railway related travel and lodging information.

TrainWeb.Org is TrainWeb's railway community, featuring hundreds of railfan Websites.

Train Web

Light Rail Now has a wealth of information about light rail systems, heritage trolleys, and systems being constructed.

An interesting story about guided buses in France. Anyone seeing guided electric buses as a viable alternative to light rail should read this article closely. Wikipedia has a similar article.

These vehicles run on rubber tires, collect power from a single overhead wire, and return the power through the guide rails.

Light Rail Now

Michael Taylor's photo collections feature trains and trams from Canada, the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Prepare to spend a few hours at his Websites.

  • Michael Taylor has over 9,000 photos.
  • Einbahn - Named for the street signs Michael thought pointed to a town. Features pictures and sounds.

If you would like to see some older trams from Vienna and Nürnberg in action be sure to see his photos from Krakow, Poland.


The Upper Silesian region in southern Poland is a railfan's delight. The area is heavily industrialized and inhabited by more than 2 million people. In practical terms that means there are lots of trains, so many that the area is covered with tracks, and plenty of trams.

The Silesian interurbans are something out of another time. Some parts of the system do not seem to have changed much since before World War II. There are some modern lines and some have closed, but much of the system is intact.

The last link above tells the tale, complete with plenty of photos. Some of the scenes are not to be believed. The picture at the right is just one of many quaint scenes. Slip a Zloty between the side of the car and the tunnel wall and it just might get stuck.

YouTube has plenty of videos that will make a railfan foam and drool. Click one of the video links, above, and keep looking from there.

Silesian Tram
Additional Links

The links below are arranged in no particular order whatsoever for your surfing convenience (and so we don't have to go bonkers trying to sort it), at least until we get time to re-organize everything. Many of these pages have yet more links to other Websites. You can go absolutely crazy trying to keep up with all of this!

Some of these links are to personal Web space on other sites, i.e, Geocities and AOL. These links may not always be good. We check them from time to time and try to find good links for those that fail, however, the nature of some of these sites and the sheer quantity of them makes this a daunting task.

Kavanagh Transit has hundreds of pictures, links to other Websites, and Web rings. A similar site is SubwayMark, which has much of the same material.
Dan Weissman has a collection of Dallas material on his Website. His Subways.Net site features subway articles.
Interesting article about trams running on railway lines in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Rail Transit On Line is a subscription newsletter featuring North American railway information.
Freeserve is a collection of British tramway information and links to yet more sites.
The Portland Streetcar system opened in 2001. It has been an instant success.
The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society has an operating railway museum. This Website also features the Portland Streetcar and other Oregon information.

Light Rail Central focuses on North American light rail systems.

Sam's Portland page. Plenty of pictures of the Max and the Portland Streetcar.
The Free Congress is Paul Weyrich's railway Website. This site features a number of interesting articles plus current events. Enjoy Harold Geissenheimer's TransNet, Lou's Traction News, and many other articles. For a trolley news junkie, this is the place to visit.
Railway Age is a vintage magazine that is now on the Web. This site is loaded with interesting stories about railroading, with some transit information. You can search the archives of old issues.
Champaign-Urbana IL is investigating various forms of transit for a new system . This article describes and compares various forms of modern urban transit.
BlickStrab.Net is a German language magazine about city transit. The English version has many interesting articles in English. Click on "Home" and select the German or English version.
The Dutch light rail site features a variety of articles and pictures in multiple languages . English is not one of those languages, however, there is some English text and many of the pictures are self-explanatory. There is some excellent photography here, along with links to other Dutch sites.
The Czech Center features an article about the Skoda trams used in Portland OR and Tacoma WA. According to this article the Portland trams were built largely by hand!
Mike's Rail Photos features mostly PCC cars from North America, from the late 1960s to present.
Philadelphia Trolley Tracks features pictures and history of trolleys in an around Philadelphia, PA, including the Lehigh Valley line. They feature a roster of cars and plenty of links to other sites.
Dave's Electric Railroads features trolleys in Pennsylvania and New York, plus a number of other states. Well, Fort Worth TX is reasonably close to Pennsylvania, isn't it?
The East Penn Traction Club features model trolleys.
The Market Street Railway preserves vintage trolleys in San Francisco.
Don's Railspot features a collection of photos and interesting links.
Electric Lines in Southern Ontario
Routes International features travel information, including an amazing collection of links to other sites. You could go crazy here!
The Soo Line Online features information about the Soo Line railroad.
Railfan and Raiload Magazine features mostly trains but some electric transit as well. This is an excellent magazine.
Trolley Driver's Web Page features some interesting photos of the Philadelphia / New Jersey area.
Chicago Surface Lines features detailed models of Chicago Surface Lines streetcars running on an O-Scale trolley layout.
The History of Chicago's "L". If you want to learn about Chicago's elevated and subway system, this is the site for you!
Frederic Deltaire's tells about Alfred Ely Beach's secretly built pneumatic subway, the first subway built in New York City.
Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway began construction in 1920, in an effort to consolidate interurban traffic under the city. The subway was built but never used.
The Cable Car Home Page tells the story of cable cars all over the world. They ran in many cities, not just San Francisco.
Do you like links to railway Websites? This one provides dozens and dozens of them!
Jazz Age Chicago has a section on Chicago transportation.
The Elgin, Joliet, and Eastern Photo Archive features photos of Chicago's Outer Belt Line, which circles the city of Chicago from Gary, Indiana to Waukegan, Illinois and intersects with the many railroads heading into the city.
Arthur U. Gerber's Chicago Transit Architect homepage features many railway stations in the Chicago area.
The Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) documents the history of industrial subjects like canals, railroads, bridges, steel mills, and factories (among other things).
The East Penn Traction Club contains resources and information about trolleys and trolley model building. It is simply fantastic!
The Key, Lock, and Lantern Web Site is devoted to railroad collectibles: Lanterns, keys, locks, tickets, badges, headlights, bells, and whistles.
The Chicago Transit/Metra Railfan Page is devoted to Chicago transit in the past and present.
Brian F. Case's Railroad Site is loaded with pictures of trains and other railroad subjects.
The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is the authority for model railroading standards. This site has links to model and prototype web pages throughout the world.
Trainnet.Org features international links to hundreds more railway-related Websites.

Brain Candy's Chicago Collections features Chicago trivia, including its railways. They have sections devoted to trivia and humor.

The 20th Century Railroad Club features information for railfans and rail travelers. It is focused in the Chicago area.
The Central Electric Railfans' Association is a Chicago railfan organization and one of the oldest such organizations in the US.
Saminco builds propulsion systems for trolleys and mine equipment. They were awarded a contract to power the Canal Street trolleys in New Orleans.
Brookeville Equipment Company is fabricating new B3 style PCC trucks for Philadelphia.
Tim Vermande has a nice collection of Philadelphia pictures.
Joe Lance has an assortment of photos from around the country. An older link may also be active.
Rob's Transit Trips features trolleys in Philadelphia, plus a number of other cities. There are links to other private pages as well.
C. T. Rab's Web page features rosters of Philadelphia buses and trolleys.
Jon Senk has a collection of photos of the Philadelphia area.
John Prock has assembled a collection of Conrail photos and information.
BTCO.Net features a comprehensive collection pictures and information from Baltimore, MD.
Transit Toronto features photos and information from Toronto, Canada.
The Transit Company Web Station focuses on Milwaukee transit.
Gyorgy Benda has assembled a collection of pictures from Budapest, Hungary. The site is in Hungarian.
Akos Varga has assembled a collection of pictures from Budapest and other Hungarian cities. The site is in English.
Lytton's Transit Site features trams from around the world.
Dr. Harold Cox has assembled an all-time roster of Birney cars. Dr. Cox's work is quite thorough and well presented. He has included car drawings and other technical information.
The National Corridors Initiative promotes rail travel. They have a current magazine plus older issues in the archives. You can search by key words or by magazine date.
Read an interesting case study of the Portland Max interurban line.
Trolleys are making a comeback in Tacoma Washington.
Moving to Portland touts the Streetcar and the Max as desirable assets, which newcomers will appreciate.
Andre Kristopans has an interesting collection of modern urban rail system information on his personal Web space.
If you like streetcars, this site has them, from all sorts of places you would not think of. Even if you can't read Czech you will like the pictures here. The home page features other forms of transit, i.e., airplanes.
RailfanEurope has plenty of photos. Navigating the site is a bit tricky until you get the hang of it.