A collection of family-friendly stories and one-liners. ROFL!
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Fun Stuff

A Collection of
Family Friendly Fun.
Enjoy our Jokes,
Graphic Humor,
Stories, and
Other Goodies.

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It's time for humor, fun, and jokes. Yes, the bane of the office e-Mail has arrived here so enjoy / despair!

Items of special interest interest are specially marked on the pull-down menu.

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Fun Stuff is a collection of humor, stories, one-liners, bumper snickers, daffynitions, and the like. There is quite a bit of unique and original original material here, all of it family friendly.

New items are often added to the menu so feel free to stop by from time to time to see the latest offerings. You will find the new items at the top of each menu, with a "-" in front of the name.

If you would like to contribute to Fun Stuff, or to ask a question or to make a comment, just click on on the menu.

Goodies, etc. Short stories, clips, and quips.
"Graphic" Humor
"Graphic" Humor Pictures, slide shows, and more.
"Graphic" Humor Things that change frequently, such as light bulb jokes.
One Liners
One Liners Bumper snickers, Q&A, and more.
Shaggy Dog Stories
Shaggy Dog Stories Groaners and knee slappers.
Short Stories
Short Stories Plenty of clean, fun stories.
Unclassified Video clips, links and our own "virus".
Submit Material Submit Material Submit material for us to use.

There are two menus on each page, along with a Google search menu. The Drop-Down menu lists the material within a section of Fun Stuff. The List Menu lists the various sections; just click on the arrow or to visit a section.

Please try to avoid ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) too much. It makes it hard to click the mouse!


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