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Washington, DC Trolley Videos

Scenes from Washington DC, many of which include streetcars and buses. These are all links to YouTube.
Capital Transit footage from the 1950s discovered by the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689. Includes streetcar shots, trackwork in progress, and footage of vintage White Motor Coach buses.
Scenes from Georgetown to Glen Echo. Includes footage of the amusement park at Glen Echo.
Route 40 footage in Northeast Washington and downtown. Includes footage of Lincoln Park and Eastern Car House.
Brief footage of the Gay 90s train (electric motor 303 and cable trailer 1512, also called 212).
The Senate Subway, in 1993.
August 22, 1903 footage of the mail trolley in Washington, DC.
Del Ray trolleys of the Mount Vernon, Alexandria, and Washington Railway Company.
WMAL Radio (AM 630) used to feature a lengthy jingle to plug both their station and the city in which they operated. This wonderful piece has been set to the background of street scenes and monuments and people from 1949.
Washington DC footage from 1939.
The Nation's Capital, 1953. Has some transit footage. Includes rare footage of the old single rail Senate subway.
Washington in wartime, 1943.
Down the Old Potomac, 1917. A barge trip on the C&O Canal.
This has nothing to do with trolley cars but has everything to do with Washington history. This is the last program of "The Joy Boys" on WRC radio. Ed Walker and Willard Scott were a Washington institution. Some people think they belonged in an institution but that is another story.

Ed Walker speaks when inducted into the Hall of Fame, 2009.