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G - R - double E - N - Leaves!

Yatta! started out as a take-off of the American "Boy Bands" on Japanese comedy sketch program "Silly Go Lucky". It has now become a big thing, complete with weekly cartoons and other spin-offs. The song went triple platinum in just a few weeks.

"Yatta" is a Japanese short form for "yarimashita", which means "did it". It can be taken to mean "All right" or "Okay" or "We did it" (or "I did it"). Happa-tai translates as the "Leaf Squad".

If you are video gamer you may recall Chun-Li, of Street Fighter fame, exclaiming"Yatta!" at a point of triumph.

Just imagine six men dressed in underwear and fig leaves dancing around on the stage, singing and dancing a choreographed feel-good song, and you have Yatta! If you are from the US or Canada try to imagine the Village People, disco, and a little of Spinal Tap, all with green leaves.

Whatever you call it, Yatta! is making the rounds in the US underground circuit.

Yatta! is totally crazy. It's incomprehensible. It's ridiculous. It is beyond description. We love it! But then again, our sanity has been called into question more than once.

Play the video by Happa-tai, who happily dance on stage wearing little more than their fig leaves.

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If your firewall or pop-up blocker interfere with the play, right click the link and "Save Target As" to download the file.
Click to view at Google You may also view the video on-line at Google, where it can also be downloaded as an MP4 file for your iPod.


Yatta! resources

  • Song Text in Japanese and English.
  • A brief history of Yatta! from Wikipedia.
  • A translation from Syberpunk.
  • A translation from eBaum's World.
  • Read more about Yatta in French.
  • Read about Yatta! on LunsfordLand.
  • Veloso's Website is full of Yatta trivia.
  • Veloso's "fanimutation" is full of surprises. It is also not entirely "family friendly" so please use caution.
  • If you thought Yatta was fun, try Hyakugojyuuichi. It is totally nutty and the music will stick in your head forever. See if you can spot the "All Your Base" text as it races by.
Cover of the "Yatta" CD Single




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