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Short Cuts to Popular Pages

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Article Name Short Cut Full path: www.Eagle-Wing.Net<path>
All Your Base /Base.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Goodies/Base.shtml
American Patriotism /America.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/GoodWords/Patriotism/index.shtml
AOL CD Project /AOL.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Goodies/AOL-CD.shtml
Carrot Juice Is Murder /Carrot.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Goodies/CarrotJuice.shtml
Daschle Faux Pas /Daschle.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Goodies/Daschle.shtml
Deficit of Decency /Decency.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.net/GoodWords/Patriotism/Decency.shtml
Interurban Trolleys /Trolley.htm http://www.eagle-wing.net/Railways/Interurban/index.shtml
John Tunney's Page /John.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Goodies/BigJohn.shtml
Short Cut Menu /ShortCut.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/ShortCut.shtml
Spam and Advertising /Spam.htm


Speed Tests /Speed.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/ClickPicks/TechnicalCorner/Speed-01.shtml
Trygve's Treehouse /Trygve.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/FunStuff/Unclassified/Trygve.shtml
Virus Alert! /VirusAlert.htm http://www.Eagle-Wing.Net/VirusAlert.htm

This page lists short cuts to popular pages on Eagle-Wing.Net. You can enter the short path into the URL bar to go directly to that page. Note that shortcuts may be discontinued at any time.

To jump to a page enter www.Eagle-Wing.Net in your browser's address bar (URL) followed by the Short Cut name. For example, to go to All Your Base you would enter the address below:


Most browsers do not require the http:// prefix and most don't care about upper or lower case letters. Be very careful that there is only one slash / between the site name and the short cut.

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