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Carrot Juice Is Murder!

By: The Arrogant Worms

Sometimes something turns up that is totally captivating. For us, that something was a song by the Arrogant Worms entitled Carrot Juice is Murder.

We liked the song so well that we wrote the Worms and asked for, and received, permission to post it on Eagle-Wing.Net.

Everyone for whom we have played this song has hemorrhaged laughing. We recommend that you visit the rest room before you play it. Enjoy!

Just click on the buttons below to hear this song. The music files are 3.2 meg so please be patient while they load.

The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms

Please visit the Worms' Website, where you can see all of their albums and maybe even purchase one of them. They are located in Canada ("The Other America"). Your IP connection will still work and your packets should be able to make it across the border without being stopped for inspection.

Carrot Juice is Murder! - MP3
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Carrot Juice is Murder! - MP3

Play using
Real Player

The Arrogant Worms

Visit their

Read the lyrics

The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms - CD

If you like this selection please be sure to visit the Discography section of the Arrogant Worms' Website and order your own copy of the CD.

  • Click here or on the MP3 button above to hear the song as an MP3 file.
  • Click here or on the Real Player button above to hear the song as a Real Player file.
  • Click here or on any of the large pictures to visit the Worms' Website.

The pictures and music files on this page are copyright
of the Arrogant Worms and used with their permission.


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