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Eagle-Wing.Net offers a variety of information at no charge. We provide links to other sites. You use any material you find here or at sites to which we link entirely at your own risk.

We do not track your surfing or purchasing habits. Note that the sites for which we provide links have their own privacy policies, which you should review when you visit.

When you contact us we do not share your personal information with other parties except as needed to fulfill a request. We do not maintain a database of e-mail contacts or site visitors. We do not send unwanted e-mail ("spam").

Webmasters may link to Eagle-Wing.Net but you may not use our original material on your site without prior permission. If you let us know you have provided a link to us we will consider placing reciprocal links to your site.

Eagle-Wing.Net is a family friendly site. Please let us know if you find any material you consider to be objectionable so we may review it and take appropriate action.

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