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Contact Us is divided into Departments, which are listed on the banner at the top of each page, i.e., Home/Office. Click on a department to visit.

The current department is shown at the top right corner of the page. In the sample banner above the department is Click Picks.
Use this menu at any time to move to a new department. Click on the present department to return to its main page.

Most departments have several sections. Use the menu at the left side of each page to go to visit the various sections. Click on the arrow or .
The type of section menu depends upon the content of the section. Some are graphic and some use links. Some sections may not have a menu.

Most departments have several sections. Most pages have a section menu at the left. On a drop-down menu pull the bar to the desired item and click the item. On a link menu click on the desired item.

Click on >Main Page< for the "home page" for that section.
Some links open in a new browser window. To close this window click on the "X" at the top right corner.
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You may search this site for articles of interest using the Google search engine menu, which is usually located at the left of the page beneath the other menus. Enter your word or phrase and click the "Google" button. Now, try using the menu at the left to search for these words: Bear, Farmer, and Amish.