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Software / Resources

We have not used or tested all of these products. Please use discretion when dealing with any of these companies. Note that some of these links jump to pages not readily accessible from the home page at the site.

Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans

There is a wealth of information available for free on the Internet. No one Website could ever steer you to everything you would ever want.

On these pages we have provided links to resources that we have found useful. Please do your own research and use good judgment before using any of the software or other resources to which we may point you. In other words, use at your own risk.



This page.
1. Adware, spyware, & security Download popular programs that will help protect your computer. Many are free.
2. Software and Drivers Find sites with old drivers, forums, scripts, on-line help, and much more.
3. Speed tests and system scans Higher tech tools. Run speed tests, trace the routing to a Website, tweak your broadband connection. If you suspect an adware infection, scan your system for trouble.

This Website carries no advertising and we have no hidden agenda. It costs money every year to keep this Website live. Consequently, we have entered into afflitiate relationships with some companies. What that means is that if you visit their Website by clicking on a link we have provided, we will earn a few dollars that will help us defray the costs of running Eagle-WIng.Net. The cost for the product is the same to you either way.

We have affiliate relationships with some companies. By using our links when you order from them, you will help us defray the costs of running this Website.

There is no pattern to the companies with which we have relationships. Some of our favorite resources have no affiliate program. Others do, but we did not choose to join it. And some resources we do not use often, but which we know a lot of other people do use, have programs that we have joined.

The bottom line is that we do not "promote" any resources, we do not make recommendations based on our affiliate status, and we do not place links or graphics on a page based on our affiliate status.

If you visit our Affiliate sites, please be certain your ad blocker and pop-up stopper are turned off, and that you can accept cookies. That will ensure that our site is credited for your visit. Many thanks

Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans

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