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Software / Resources
Speed Tests & System Scans

Check your broadband connection speed. Trace the "hops" to a Website. Let a friendly server try to "hack" into your computer. Scan for malicious software (malware).
Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans
Speed Tests Click on the links in the text at the right to run the test.
SpeakEasy offers a good test from a number of locations around the US. This is one of the better tests we have seen.
Run the Bandwidth Place speed test in a pop-up window. Great for a quick test.
Bandwidth Place Speed Test Run the Bandwidth Place speed test at their site. You will find options for dial-up and broadband. This is a basic test.
Visual Route
If you have ever used the TraceRt (trace route) command line utility you know there must be something better! VisualRoute is that something. Their demo test will trace your connection to any Website. Enter the address, click on "Start Trace", and click on "Details" to see a complete trace of the connection.
DSL Reports Broadband Test Test your Connection Speed at BroadBand Reports (formerly DSL Reports).
Test your TCP/IP Configuration.
Test your Ports for vulnerabilities.
Verizon Speed Test This test site for Verizon Wireless runs a quick speed test. If you call Tech Support they may ask you to run a test from here.
Toast Speed Test Toast is an ISP that offers several speed tests. There is a chart showing the test servers and the type(s) of files to test. Click on "GO"to run a test. Unlike some other tests you see the file(s) being transferred. Results depend on the server and the type of files transferred so try several.
Speed Guide SpeedGuide.Net has plenty of resources for DSL and cable modem connections. There are tweaks, tests, and articles of every kind. Check out their Broadband section, which is devoted to cable and DSL.
Speedtest.Net has a slick interface. It also works well. What a wonderful combination.
Additional Resources
  • The US Government's Miranda site runs a good speed test.
  • Our Advertising Page tells how to protect yourself from advertising robots and trojan horses.
System Scans

Scan for malicious software when your system won't run a regular scan. Some sites provide scans for individual infections.

We try to keep these links current but it is a never-ending task. If a link fails, try using the link address as a starting point, then try to find the new link from there.

Avast offers a virus and worm cleaner. Full instructions are provided online. Alwil produces Avast! for both Windows and Unix / Linux. Their BART CD is a favorite among technical types that permits booting a "dead" machine from a CD.
Computer Associates (CA) will run a scan on line. If you are considering purchasing an anti-malware suite, and if you are torn between the offerings from Zone Alarm and CA, you should know that both license technology from the other and both are good.
Cool Web Search, and variations
If Cool Web search has taken over your browser, CW Shredder can neutralize it. Run this on-line scan from Trend Micro, which bought it from Intermute, which bought it from Merijn Bellekom, of "Hijack This" fame, who is a Dutch genius..
Grisoft makes an excellent anti-virus program known as AVG. They also provide free scans for suspected problems.
Kaspersky Labs is a highly respected provider of anti-virus software. They offer on-line scanners for individual files and for viruses in general.

McAfee features a number of free scans. Some require that you download an Active-X package in order for the scan to work.

Nod-32 will scan for viruses and spyware.

Trend Micro is a well regarded provider of anti-malware and anti-spam software. They have acquired Intermute (Ad Subtract, Spam Subtract) and also CW Shredder.

DNS Stuff provides a wealth of tools for finding things using DNS. You can look up Websites by their IP address, learn who owns a domain name, or track troubles with your own Web hosting server.

The basic tools are free to use. Other services are available with a paid membership.

A number of anti-malware companies do not yet offer free scans. Many of them do have some other useful information so they are worth checking out. Just beware if the scan requires a software download.
Ewido F-Prot Panda Software Sophos
Symantec Trend Micro    
Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans

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