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Software / Resources
Software & Drivers

We have not used or tested all of these products. Please use discretion when dealing with any of these companies. Note that some of these links jump to pages not readily accessible from the home page.
Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans
Boot Disk If you need to find diskettes to start a recalcitrant computer, BootDisk.Com is the place! You will also find a huge assortment of freeware and shareware, including our favorite Ad-Aware and Spybot adware killers.
Annoyances.Org has a forum for discussing Windows issues. There is a ton of information to be found here.

Spyware Info is terrific resource for malware issues. They keep track of current trends and offer software to help resolve problems.

Beware careful when downloading free software. Try to verify that you are getting the real thing. We have found what appear to be bogus versions of the good software that this site offers.

Welcome to "The Converter's Paradise"

The Converter's Paradise is the ultimate resource for file conversions. Convert graphics format, create a self-executing program file from a text file, and more.

Some of the converters are DOS-based but they should run in a command window.

Gibson Research
Gibson Research
Test your computer ports. Remove vulnerabilities from Windows XP crackers. Learn about security problems. Steve Gibson's Website offers a wealth of information and free utilities.

The File Farm

The File Farm is an incredible resource, from Internet.Com.  Cream of the crop files from the farm. Be advised, however, that there is now quite a bit of commercial material here, complete with "marketing". File Farm may link you to Jumbo.Com.

The Windows Users Group Network is a collection of shareware utilities for Windows, hosted on Microsoft's site. There are some excellent resources here, but beware of the pop-up ads.
Windows Drivers
WinDrivers is a membership site featuring drivers for Windows. There is also quite a bit of commercial material here.

Driver Forum

You probably have never had to find a driver for a sound card or network card, right?  OK, so you have.  Well, The Driver Forum is a place where you can post requests for information and receive helpful replies from total strangers.  

Driver Guide

DriverGuide.Com has an excellent search engine and there is a forum for requesting drivers. You may donate drivers from your collection to the site. Membership is required but free.

Download.Com Download freeware, demo programs, and more from Download.Com, a site created by C-Net. You will also find a collection of drivers and utilities.
ZD Net ZDNet is from Ziff Davis is the publisher of PC Mazagine. Here you will find product comparisons and evaluations, utilities, drivers, hints, troubleshooting aids, and much more. Many of the Ziff Davis writers have a column on ZDNet. PC Magazine releases several new free utilties each month.
PC Magazine

PC Magazine is an excellent resource filled with reviews, discussions of new trends, product comparisons, answers to technical questions, and much more. This magazine has its roots in Popular Electronics, which ran from the 1950's through the late 1970s. You can read more about the history of Popular Electronics on our special page.

The legendary PC Magazine free utilities have been around since the early DOS days. You can download them from the Internet.


IrfanView is touted as a super file viewer. It displays and edits images, it creates slide shows, and it does a host of other things. You can resize pictures on the fly when you print them. It also has plug-ins to work with a number of other products, including audio players.

It is small, it works exactly as advertised, it doesn't try to sell you anything, and it is free. Of course, the author won't turn down a donation but he doesn't demand it. Irfan Skiljan, who lives in Jajce, Bosnia, is the author of this amazing program.

Top ShareWare Top Shareware offers shareware and some commercial products that you can try before you buy. They have a nice selection of ad blockers and privacy filters. What is a lttle concerning is that they also market a product that allows capturing keystrokes from the computers of other people.

SmartLine's NT Utility page offers a number of commercial and free programs. Some of the free include Active Port Monitor; Active Shut-Down, allows shutting off or rebooting; Active CPU, shows CPU usage; and CPU Screen Saver, shows CPU activity while screen is idle.

Hot Scripts HotScripts features a collection of script for a variety of uses. Some are free, some are shareware, and some are more commercial. There are reviews and you can rate the scripts.
Men and Mice - DNS Issues

The Internet is magic, right? Just type in a name and you get a Web page. Well, it isn't magic and it is very complicated. Men and Mice does an excellent job of trying to make the process of resolving Website addresses to their IP addresses, so you can feast your eyes on those pages or listen to that music.

Their DNS glossary has more information that you will never want to know!

BART - Bootable Antivirus & Recovery Tools - can jump start a dead PC and burn files from its hard disk to CDs. This professional grade product runs $300 and up per copy, but it could be just the ticket if you have a computer repair business.
Agnitum offers software to protect against trojans, plus a personal firewll.
Diamond CS offers anti-worm and anti-trojan software.
DSLWebServer can help you set up a small server at home.

Firewall / Router issues

Help with various PC and Mac problems:

John Matarese at at WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, writes articles on software and other handy solutions to problems.
Look up Websites by name or IP address. If you know what NSLookup is, you'll love Zone Edit.
OldVersion provides older versions of software. This is terrific for people who do NOT want the latest and greatest, much of which now comes with spyware and adware.
Protect your system from advertising robots. Our section on advertising and privacy has a collection of programs you will like, including Ad Aware.
Rootkit Revealer will help discover a "rootkit" on your computer. See our section on modern threats for information on rootkits.

TechyNetwork.Com is a membership with forums and resources for the computer geek.

Trace route

Walter Mossberg writes a column for the Wall Street Journal that often features software solutions and reviews. There is an archive of older articles that is very useful.
WinXPNews offers some excellent information about using and fixing WIndows XP.
World Time Server will synchronize your PC with an atomic clock. Their Atomic Clock utility is free and it works well.

Useful Tip: The Real Player suite of programs cannot be removed completely with the Windows uninstaller. Instead, run the removal utility, which is in the Setup folder for Real Player. The program name begins with a dot and it may be one of these:

  C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\Setup\.g2cln.exe .g2cln.exe - (dot)g2cln.exe
  C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\Setup\.r1pclean.exe .r1pclean.exe - (dot)r1pclean.exe

Introduction 2. Software and Drivers
1. Adware, spyware, & security 3. Speed tests & system scans
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