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Home and Family
Interesting information, money savers, unique items, Internet privacy, and more.

We are happy to provide this collection of resources that we hope proves useful to you, your family, and your friends.

Items of special interest interest are specially marked on the pull-down menu.

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There are some unique and interesting items here, many of which you cannot buy at your local store. We don't sell them, we just tell you where to buy them.

We have a wealth of information that will help you maintain your privacy and avoid unwanted solicitations by mail, e-mail, and phone.

  • Advertising - How marketers harvest data about you and what they may do with it.
  • Chain Letters - How to avoid getting onto junk e-mail lists.
  • Direct Marketing-Privacy - How to get off of calling and junk mail lists.

Eagle-Wing.Net is not a commercial site, however, some of the companies mentioned on this site allow us to benefit under their Affiliate program, in which we receive a small compensation if you order the paid versions of their products through this site. For the most part we become Affiliates only with companies whose products we have used and which we like. This is not a high dollar source of income, however, it does help defray the costs of operating this site.

  • Products and companies with which we have affiliations are noted as being an Eagle-Wing Affiliate.
  • Please visit our affiliate companies through this site or bookmark our special like to them. They like to know which sites are referring people to them.
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  • If you upgrade from the free version to the paid version, please do so by linking through our site.

Special links often have a number at the end of the address, i.e., www.Product.Com?id=1234.

Please feel free to Contact Us to let us know of any favorite links or unique products and services that we can share with our visitors. Our home page has instructions for contacting us.






Home & Family
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